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Smart applications

From on-line reservation systems to stock management tools, a website can automate many aspects of your business.

Beautiful and responsive

With more than 50% of website visits today coming from mobile devices, we ensure the same high quality user experience across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Security and SEO

Our modern and strict development process means your website will be secure, bug-free, and achieve top rankings by search engines.


A few of our creations.


Web app

Lucka & Tomino, couple

Wedding website

The Ansermet Ensemble

Online ticketing system

Peter Lippmann, photographer

Professional portfolio

Lucia Cabanova, fashion designer

Professional portfolio

Peter Lippmann, photographer

Personal portfolio

Nick Quine, photographer

Professional portfolio

Peter Lippmann, photographer


La Cie des répliques

Presentation website

Design competition

Registration page

Spinal Dynamics

Start-up website

Our promise

100% money-back guarantee: Should our final work not reach your expectations, the project can be cancelled for a full refund.

High quality: Our use of modern technology and robust workflow ensure a top quality product.

Personalized approach: We like to keep things lean and iterative in order to achieve the perfect product.

2-year guarantee: Our rapid response team is there for you should your site misbehave or become inaccessible.


Two engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, with a passion for smart web solutions and years of experience, have united to bring you the latest in web technologies and high-end websites.

Edoardo D'Anna

Miroslav Caban

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